Alternative Initiatives: Cuba.

Alternative Initiatives: Cuba

Royal Institute of British Architects, London
By Politics Fab Lab and Nous

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Images (c) Merve Anil for Politics Fab Lab
Alternative Initiatives is conference series that examines the influence of politics and economics on architecture situated in various regions of the globe. Held in London, the conference brings together leading economists, politicians, historians and architects to discuss the key architectural, developmental and urban issues of the focal region. The goal of the conference is to expand the knowledge of architects, academics, students and the public and to promote debate on the future of the architecture of the regions in question.Alternative Initiatives Cuba Conference explored the impact of Cuba’s political and economic conditions on its architecture and speculated on the future of Cuban architecture and development.

The event was curated by Melissa Woolford of NOUS and Francisco Gonzales de Canales and Nuria Lombardero of Canales & Lombardero. The conference coordinator was Heather Picov.

Dr. Mario Coyula Cowley
Dr. Francisco Gómez Díaz
Francisco Gonzales de Canales
Edgar Gonzales
Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler
Nuria Alvarez Lombardero
Ricardo Porro