Medical Center

In Collaboration with Antonio Garcia López, Valentini Kaimakis Ignacio-Fernández Torres
Site. Las Veredas, Almonaster la Real, Huelva, Spain.Date. 2003-2006
Client. Municipality of Almonaster la Real. SAS.
AWARDS Second Best Architectural Design 2006, Architectural Association of Huelva
This is a tiny project in a village in Huelva Mountains, which is difficult to get to. Because there was not a plot for this building, part of the strategy was to find a site in the edges of the land owned by the municipality. The building is situated in a narrow strip between a road, a centenary tree and an outdoor court. The design negotiates an in-between situation of road, court and tree.The building is shaped aiming a formal response: a temporary parking space is created by a wedge that projects itself towards the road; the back of the building is bent to create a protected area to watch football matches; tilled covers produce high cavities in such a way that patients are not seen from the outside, but can enjoy contemplating the mountains. The existing tree provides shade and places the building in its context. A large window inserts fragments of the rural world into to the rigour of the medical laboratory. All the area next to the athletics tracks is blind in order to allow hard-hitting balls thus creating, on a long-term basis, a spotted façade.