Ecoturist complex

Location. Inazares, Moratalla, Murcia (Spain)
Client. Grupo 2002 S.A.
Typology. Mixed-use (hotel, leisure facilities, working spaces)
Area. 18.400 m2
Current Status. Phase C completed (discontinued) Dates. (2010-2013)

Sustainability as experience

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Inazares area is one of the most unique places of Murcia’s geography. Its rugged but calm orography brings us back to a resounding presence of nature so longed for by contemporary societies. Beyond the beach tourism so common in our latitudes as a model of productive activity, Here we proposed to recover a sense of responsibility in immediate contact with the natural environment as an alternative or a new type of production and consumption model.

The ecotourism proposal for Inazares is therefore committed to a mix between innovation, technological development and culture, capable of generating new modes of leisure. The fundamental focus of the proposal is to consider that sustainability is not only a technological conception, but above all a culture and an experience. With this objective, a series of facilities have been designed to activate and dialogue with the existing territory in a natural way.