Portillo House

Site. Dos Hermanas
Client. Private

Portillo House design develops the idea of segregating an internal internal space from the entropic landscape of suburbia. Located in Dos Hermanas, in the metropolitan area of Seville, the house is in this tension between the city and countryside in a world of high roads and highways connecting to Seville.

In this obsession with splitting a space of one’s own into this landscape the building appear like a structure that has lost its communicative meaning. The way of entering the house is not obvious, and the building appears as this blank façade made of metal panels, not showing anything,  with only a simple staircase conducting to the roof. At the top we can find a space to be use as a terrace, since the lot is not  large enough to allow the enjoyment of a large garden.

The building works with this metal envelope all continuous along the house, with a system of patios that structures the house life. Each of the patios organise a cluster of programs: one for the bedrooms, another for the service and kitchen and the last one for the dinning and living. The house only has one level, so it makes more profitable the patios in regard to there capability of getting light and ventilation.