Painter Juan Canales House

Location: Cañete de las Torres (Córdoba)
Collaborating architect: Francisco González de Canales L.O.
Quantity Surveyor: José Luis López
Collaborators: Encarnación Márquez, Yonatan Buchhandler, Haowen Lim, María Martín
Client. Juan Canales
2013- (Under construction)

A local painter inherited a plot from his mother family, but does not have the money to build the full patio house that he wants for him and his wife —also a painter—, and her wife’s teenager daughter. It is for this reason that the house is thought in an incremental way, to be completed along the years without the burdens of asking for a full loan and outside the credit system.

The first thing to be built will be the first floor to be able shape the patio. The construction of this upper floor also solves most important structural and waterproofing issues, while living the ground floor almost open with kitchen and living room.

Seeking for a cheap construction system able to create a first spatial shell to be occupied and later expanded, a system of bearing walls made of insulation panels which projected concrete will be employed. This spatial shell will create a durable structural base of high energetic performance around which the house will grow inwards and outwards. In addition, as requested by the client, the patio is exposed to the street while not exposing anything of the house, giving a certain sense of ironic, and intended, false transparency.

The façade of the house is also an exercise in working with contemporary architecture within a small rural village, remaking the symbolic presence of the painter with skylights popping out the tilted façade.